The Beauty of Symmetry


I was on Thailand for a business trip, and I had heard so much about this wonderful massage parlor that my co-workers went to. I am a single guy and so I was looking forward to getting some ‘extra nuru massage benefits.’ It was something we all did, but we didn’t talk about it. It would have been inappropriate to talk about it in the work place and we didn’t want our boss to know. Anyway, after I was finished my massage, I got dressed and walked out the front door, and my boss was coming in!!

Is this BrutalX production too brutal? I guess so, but you should have a look!

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Countries Known for their Architecture


Architectural Designs– Treat to tourists A country having a distinct architectural style has a certain influence on tourists drawing them to have a glimpse of the architectural framework. It compels photographers and movie makers to travel distances to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the specific architectural genre. Great architecture is not only artistic but is also of historical significance. […]

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